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Polypropylene is the basic material used in the production of several consumer goods and component parts in a wide variety of application areas, such as packaging, textiles, stationery, automotive industry, electronic and electrical appliances, etc. Polypropylene is a so called ‘ecologically pure’ plastic which can be fully applied in the food packaging and medical industry.

High density polyethylene, which ARVIN Baspar intends to produce, can be used as feedstock for a variety of products, right up to production of high pressure gas, sewage and water pipes.

Typically the addition of two or more polymers, materials or ingredients into a polymer is considered compounding or blending. This process changes the personality of a given polymer and differentiates various resins or the end-use products for which they are used.
Either measured by improvements in processability or an end-use performance property, or by overall economics of the polymers used for a given application, leading plastic fabricators and converters know enhancing the performance of existing materials can easily be achieved by compounding.
Compounds could include alloys and blends; polymer modifiers and fillers; base resins; pigment master batches for coloration; flame retardants; blowing agents; other various additives; and purge compounds for enhancing the compounding process.